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This project was very engaging and interesting. As can be seen from the photo the property was a semi detached house, our brief was to make the property detached and extend virtually the whole of the rear elevation. This meant removing and then rebuilding two external walls of the property. Another extension was also added to the front elevation by extending the garage and bedroom above along with creating a new front porch entrance.
Initially a small existing rear extension was removed. We then set about separating our clients house from their neighbours by removing a 1m wide section of our clients house along the party wall. The rear elevation wall was then removed to make way for the extensions and internal walls followed suit. This required a lot of temporary structural propping and then during the build numerous steel lintels, columns and structural masonry walls were added to support the newly detached house.
Construction of the rear extensions then took place and the new external side elevation wall. All new brickwork, tiled pitched roofs and tiled wall cladding were to match the existing house, or what was left of it. All the existing windows were replaced. Internally the house layout was completely transformed. A patio area was also added to the rear.
Work was also carried out to the neighbours newly acquired side elevation external wall. The wall was strengthened by ties being inserted through the wall and into the floor joist and then the wall was rendered externally. All was conducted with minimal disturbance of the neighbours property.
Once the rear was extension were completed structurally work commenced on the front extension. A new porch entrance was also installed and driveway.
By the completion of the project the clients had truly made the house their own.

Extension in St Albans

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A unique design, almost detached from the original building bar a corridor. A large kitchen / dinner was created with a pitched roof formed half of tiles and half glass. A existing small rear extension was demolished to make way for the new extension. The new extension walls and windows were made to match the existing, with two of the 4 patio doors made into bay windows to match the original building. The glass pyramid roof was a bespoke design made from timber constructed in a joinery shop and then fitted on site, the remainder of the roof was tiled to match the main house. Internally a bespoke kitchen was fitted and as can be seen minimal lighting was required due to the extent of glazing in the walls and roof, allowing the benefits of natural light to enter the space. As well as gaining a new kitchen/ dinner the extension also freed up the space the original kitchen had occupied in the main building. The space was renovated giving the client another reception room.

St. Columbus College

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This project was carried out on behalf of the college during the school summer holidays. The brief was to build a new groundsman store/garage for plant and equipment storage. A new road way was also installed to access the store. The building was designed to be in-keeping with the other college buildings. (pre start site set up), (The building at over site stage ready for the concrete floor slab to be poured), (brick and block work nearing roof wall plate level), (completed building and associated roadway).

Vertical extension in St Albans

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The client had little room to extend away from their existing building so the only way was up!. The brief was create a 2nd floor for the building. We started by taking off the existing roof and then raised the level of the external walls. A new roof was then installed over the newly created 2nd floor of the property which gave the client 3 new rooms in the property. A small rear extension was added to create a utility room giving the client further space in the existing building to enlarge the kitchen. The existing house was totally refurbished with a new 1st floor layout to accommodate the new stairs to the 2nd floor. This involved new plumbing and electrical systems, stud walls, plastering, decoration and various floor finishes. Replacement windows were fitted to the entire house and new pitched tiled roofing added to the existing side garage and front porch. New landscaping layouts were also fitted to the front and rear including garden walls, paving, patios and driveway.

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