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Contractors for a storage facility

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Working as a contractor for local business client, the project involved the extension of the clients current facility to allow them further storage but stay at their current established site. The extension roof and walls were erected as a prefabricated building and adjoined the existing building. The prefabricated unit was used as an alternative to traditional techniques i.e. brick and block, as it can be assembled far quicker, is more cost effective and ready for use sooner.
Extensive foundations and finished concrete floor slab construction was also carried out for the prefabricated unit to sit on. As well as a base for the shell, the slab offered the client a hard wearing surface for forklift trucks to work on and negated the need for a floor finish as the concrete slab it self was simply polished and painted. Generating an easy to maintain surface.
The project also involved a main sewer diversion which serviced the whole industrial estate. The sewer had to be rerouted around the extension in order for it to be clear of the new structure and accessible.


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We were again contracted by Loctite to construct in their Stevenage warehouse, a fully insulated cold store with refrigeration plant. The store was built out of 450mm wide block work and insulated so that the refrigeration unit/ plant could control the temperature efficiently. The store was approximately 700m3 in area and was able to reach temperatures as low as 0°C. Once completed the client was able to ensure that their materials were stored at the optimum temperature in order to preserve them for use.

Loctite / Henkel

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We were contracted to build a fire proof store within an industrial unit, over 1000m3 in size. The store was built out of a solid block work, 450mm wide in order for the client to achieve sufficient fire protection to preserve the volatile chemicals to be stored within. Part of the work was also to carry out the supply and installation of 2 mechanised sliding doors to enable external and internal access to the store. This involved creating an opening in the store internally, during construction of the block walls in order to receive the sliding door for internal access to the store from within the industrial unit. Externally an opening was to be made in the existing industrial unit cladding façade which involved cutting back the steel sheet cladding to the appropriate size and installing steel posts to the side of the opening for support . This door would then enable the client to receive external deliveries directly to the store whilst the store could be sealed shut with the internal door to maintain fire protection to the rest of the ware house.
A road way was also installed leading to the external door to able access, comprising of tarmac surfacing and kerbs.

Weston Aerospace Factory

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Our client had purchased an empty industrial unit, which was to fitted out and convert into a factory and offices to suit their own specific needs.
Our contract involved constructing rooms from block work, dry lining partitions and suspended ceilings for use in the specialist manufacture of aviation components. New toilet blocks and stores were constructed and fitted out as well as the refurbishment of existing offices, canteen and laboratories. General re-decoration and finishes (plastering, carpets, floor tiles and wall tiling) of the entire unit also took place.
Large scale mechanical (plumbing, heating and air conditioning) and electrical service systems were installed to service the various areas and rooms of the building depending on specific purposes and needs. A steel work platform was also constructed externally to house the mechanical and electrical plant that was necessary to power and service the building.

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